Buy is the first of our 3 B’s.  It is one way in which you can make tangible difference around the world.  It is called buying power and when you use it with Better Way Designs, you can be certain that your money is not only purchasing beautiful hand-made items, but it is investing in freedom here and around the world.

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Purchasing hand-made products.

Investing in freedom.

Why buy?

Shopping with Better Way ensures that money goes where you never thought it could go.  Not only are you purchasing fair trade items that totally rock but you are putting your stamp on the trafficking industry.

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How to buy

You can purchase any of our items here on our website. But why stop there? Book a party and learn what your dollars are truly doing!

Our mission

Better Way Designs seeks to bring dignity and hope to those who have become victims to the sex trafficking industry through the purchasing and reselling of products made by those who have been freed through the vessel of Freedom Parties. Our goal is to connect the “us” with the “them” in order to create a “we”. Our emphasis is on dignity rather than charity.

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