Book a party and get your friends and family in on the fight. By opening your home and inviting your friends, you amplify your impact and create more conscious consumers at the same time.

Our Host Rewards will make it that much easier for you to get all of the gorgeous products you want at huge discounts or even free!

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Booking a freedom party takes you to the next level of impact. By hosting a party in your home, you are giving those that you know an opportunity to be a part of change. And, of course, our products speak for themselves. As if our mission wasn’t enough, our products are gorgeous!  

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I originally booked my party just so my daughter could get credit for a booking. Little did I expect to have outstanding sales just by posting my party to some friends and sharing the story of Better Ways Designs. It touched everyone’s hearts and they were glad to support such a great cause. Then after receiving our purchases I had unsolicited sales from friends who loved what we got but didn’t order during my first party. So much so that my second order was enough to qualify for another party. I love everything I got and so did everyone else. And the feeling to know we are helping such a great cause to help support these amazing artisans.



As a multiple time hostess, I truly love hosting with Better Way for the mission and opportunity to make a lasting impact in the world. The hostess rewards are fantastic and I always love being able to add quality products made with free hands to my home and gift unique items to friends and family. I love that Better Way has a mission behind the product, it truly changes the way people think of parties.



Hosting a party with Better way designs has been an absolute treasure! The amount of impact that one person in the United States can make in lives on the other side of the world is what impacted me the most. Both with the items that I have purchased, and what other people have purchased through my parties have provided hundreds of hours of work for these women who truly need it. The impact from parties are amazing, but on top of that the rewards are fantastic! Better Way Designs as a company treats their hostesses very well, allows us to pick from great products, and are always there to help no matter what. My house is now full of handmade items from these women, and as people enter my home I can tell the story that comes along with them.



I love hosting for BWD and have made it my annual Birthday Give Back Party!!! It truly is so meaningful to help on a deeper level for sex trafficking survivors. The chain reaction as others become more aware, support with purchases, give gifts, and host their own parties is more impactful than any of us will ever know! Truly a blessing to be a BWD host!!



I was so moved by the mission and ministry of Better Way Designs that I couldn’t wait to host a party. The hours of impact we raised created a trajectory of healing. This type of healing is tangible and direct. It’s intentional. It’s life giving. It’s a fresh start. I’m absolutely honored to have been a part of something so meaningful.



I have hosted several parties with Better Way Designs, both online and in person, and they are always easy and always fun! Your Freedom Fighter makes it a breeze and helps you every step of the way. Bekah has given me templates to use to help me invite friends, beautiful graphics to help get people excited, and provides lots of fun ways during parties to get people involved and educated about the world of human trafficking. I love being able to promote (and buy, especially with my fantastic hostess rewards!) fair trade, sustainable products. I also love sharing beautiful redemption stories of men and women all around the world being rescued from slavery and given dignity again. Fun? Easy? Purposeful? Count me in, every single time. I am a Better Way fan for life!



I love hosting Better Way parties! Of course  I love shopping and sharing products I’ve already purchased and loved with my friends and family. But these parties are about so much more than shopping — it not only gives me a chance to connect and foster community with others, but it unites us in fighting for freedom and dignity for women around the globe. Not to mention the amazing Freedom Fighters make hosting easy and fun. The host rewards are really just the cherry on top of it all!



Hosting a Better Way party is a great way to share with my friends and family how they can join me in playing an active role in bringing hope and dignity to survivors of trafficking.  My guests are always in awe of the quality and beauty of the artisan crafted items and that they can take home many purchases that very night. We leave the party with more than these gorgeous products but warmth in our hearts, knowing we have contributed to the crafter's education, child care, and fair wage.



I’ve hosted and co-hosted many (probably 15ish) Betterway Designs parties and they have all been a positive experience and have generated many hours of dignified work for women/men rescued from human trafficking.  I’ve had parties at my workplace and at home and they require little to no work on my part except to invite my friends and coworkers. I find that it is a very meaningful way to buy gifts that I would have needed to purchase anyway for holidays and birthdays.  I even ordered all of the team gifts for my daughter’s tennis team through BetterWay Designs to give an even more meaningful gift to the girls! I have become friends with the Freedom Fighter and she knows I will always say yes to having a party so that products can be sold to support the work of these brave women and men. The products are really beautiful and good quality too!

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