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Better Way Designs is built on a philosophy that we call the Dignity Cycle. We purchase our products up front at or above fair-trade standard prices so our artisans are always paid first.  We then utilize the Direct Sales model to create meaningful careers here in the US for our consultants. Direct Sales was made for a company like ours - Better Way develops dignified relationships among our artisans, consultants, and customers through our fabulous products. We do this by creating opportunities to build businesses that offer serious earning potential that only thrives through dignity and the empowerment of women around the world.  It is a business structure that is simple to do yet complex in its impact.

Replace your income with a job that powerfully impacts the freedom movement. The income potential is uncapped and allows you the opportunity to combine your passions for making change in the world with providing for your own household. It is through business that our relationships with our partners bloom. The more we sell, the more women they are able to offer jobs to.

When we say we are creating careers here in the US we mean it! Your income potential as a Freedom Fighter has no cap! We are proud of the success our consultants can achieve with Direct Sales.  The work you put in amplifies your income beyond an hourly wage. It’s a fabulous concept where no limit of income meets no limit of impact.

Bottom line, our Dignity Cycle unites our distributors and our artisans to bring you products that you love along with a shopping experience that you can feel good about.

Small but Mighty

Our Home Office team is a group of individuals committed to serving our consultants, customers, and suppliers with love and support. Our motto is “Small but mighty!” because we truly can accomplish anything our little staff sets our minds to, and we promise to do it with joyful hearts!

Our hard-working staff is led by Owners Beth and BJ George who both come from ministry backgrounds, bringing with them an emphasis on teamwork in leadership and business structure. They have created a culture of interdependence with the entire team, every person brings valuable input and perspective, and every person plays an important role in the success of this Dignity Focused Business.

Beth George has been in the Direct Sales industry since 2005, and has achieved valuable experience in generating sales, team building, training, business strategy, coaching, and product design. We like to say she is an expert in all things that benefit Freedom Fighters! She places an emphasis on creating quality products our consultants can be proud of, providing frequent training opportunities and tools for our consultants, as well as encouraging our Freedom Fighters with substantial rewards and motivating challenges! Her love for Direct Sales and community building is highlighted through the supportive, collaborative culture she has created throughout the entire Better Way Designs network of Freedom Fighters. 

Co-Owner, BJ George came to Better Way Designs with a ministry background as a former pastor and excels in team leadership and operational management, but he truly shines while developing relationships with suppliers. He interacts with our partners to find out their needs and brings back solutions to provide for our artisans. The greatest impact of a relational business like ours is sustained employment, but BJ’s diligence in staying invested in the well being of our suppliers is what makes our connection unique.



We have four organizations that work as our checks and balances here at Better Way Designs. 

We applaud ethical consumers for checking in on where your products are coming from and we encourage you to hold all the stores you shop at to these standards. Asking questions about how products are made and how the people who make them are treated is what sparks social change for the better!

Fair Trade Federation

First, we are certified by the Fair Trade Federation which means we partner with suppliers that follow their standards! We do this by creating close relationships with our purchasing and product design teams and by visiting our partnering organizations and seeing how things work.

You can check out our Fairtrade standards below:

B Corporation

Our second certification is through B Corp, a group dedicated to holding businesses to higher standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.  It is about balancing profit with purpose.  Better Way Designs has been awarded “Best in the World” every year, meaning top 5% globally of all B-Corp certified companies for Community since 2018! They have rigorous guidelines to become certified and we have grown and learned a lot about environmental impact from them beyond the social impact of working with groups recovering from the trauma of being trafficked.

You can check out their requirements below:

Better Business Bureau

As a BBB Accredited Business, our company is listed as a trustworthy business that operates with integrity and excellence.

You can take a look at their website below:

Freedom Business Alliance

Lastly, we are members of a “global network that aims to combat commercial exploitation and human traffiking” called the Freedom Business Alliance. This alliance provides the accountability which ensures we follow a specific code of ethics which guarantees our business is actually tackling the mission of bringing an end to the commercial sex trade.  It functions on the idea that business, not charity, will make the greatest impact to the human trafficking world. 

You can take a look at their website below:

Frequently Asked Questions

We have three subscription options that offer great discounts along with opportunities to get exclusive products! Each subscription runs once a month. After your payment is processed your subscription box will ship out the following business day! Check out our Subscriptions! Contact your Freedom Fighter or the home office to set up your Coffee/Tea, Organic Beauty, or Buy Better Club subscription!

When you host a party, you are gaining access to exclusive products and pricing, 50-75% discounts, and credit towards free product. Our Host Rewards will help you get your favorite items without paying full price! 

See our Host Rewards

Better Way Designs has been around since 2018, formerly known as Better Way Imports.

When it comes to shopping through a direct selling company, you are almost always getting a better product, better customer service and greater opportunity to create relationships than by shopping at your general big chain stores. At Better Way Designs we are proud to offer all of those things, and we take it one step further by fighting human trafficking through dignified business.

There are many thoughtful aspects built into our business model as a networking/party company that make us a true competitor when it comes to choosing your home party business. We have a sales focused compensation plan which means you make money off of your sales no matter what!, and at competative comission rates of 20-33%. Another major perk is our invenotry management system. We ship directly to customers who shop online which means you don't need a large selection of personal inventory, and we have a Sample Replenishment Program which allows you to replace any current products sold out of your personal inventory for FREE! We also provide free training opportunities because we are invested in our distributors and their personal growth. Better Way Designs puts out frequent sales challenges to earn bonuses throughout the year that everyone is eligible for at any level, we like to send gifts for hitting sales goals and celebrate your accomplishments. Our Home Office team provides top quality customer service to support your business needs and keep your customers coming back. Becoming a Freedom Fighter with Better Way Designs is starting a business that brings dignity to survivors of sex trafficking through the sale of quality, beautiful products, and that means you can feel passionate about the work you are doing for the world while earning sustainable income for yourself!

Currently, BWD works with 19 different suppliers.

Better Way Designs partner map

Yes! We have close relationships with our business partners and they love being able to meet our Freedom Fighters. As a Freedom Fighter, you can earn the opportunity to qualify for our Vision Trips through reaching your business goals, and even earn them at a discount or free! Our suppliers also make trips in to visit us during our yearly conferences!

Better Way Designs has three certifications that bring an accountability that our sellers, customers and hosts can count on. We are Fair Trade Federation certified, B Corporation Certified and members of the Freedom Business Alliance. These certifications call for transparency and "people before product" mentality.

We are certified by the Fair Trade Federation which specializes in creating healthy relationships for international trade, specifically with producers in developing nations or marginalized populations. The word “fair” can mean a lot of different things to different people. Fair trade is about more than just paying a fair wage. It means that trading partnerships are based on reciprocal benefits and mutual respect; that prices paid to producers reflect the work they do; that producers share decision making power; that national health, safety, and wage laws are enforced; and that products are environmentally sustainable which conserve natural resources.

B Corp certification is a promise that a business is meeting high standards of VERIFIED performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and material sourcing. Once a company is B Corp certified, every three years they re-submit their assessments to be recertified. Being a B Corp means we are committed to putting people before profits, we are in it for the long haul rather than short term gain, and we want to bring change to the world. ----B Corps are businesses that meet the highest social, economical and environmental standards and public transparency. B Lab evaluates companies on how they are contributing to an element of social good that goes beyond financial interest. Being B Corp certified ensures that companies are purpose driven and scaling with integrity. They use profits and growth as means to a greater end, impacting employees, communities and the environment positively. B Corps have to commit to policies that actually make an impact and don't just market as such. Better Way Designs was recognized as the top 5% in the community arm.

The artisans that make our products are employed. This means they are not waiting for us to sell their products to receive a paycheck. Better Way Designs commits to consistent purchasing that allows our suppliers to offer consistent work to their staff. Many of our artisans are salaried and are offered health care, child care, counseling and life skills education. This is why we put impact hours on each of our products, to ensure that work is being created with each of your purchases. Our Fair Trade Federation certification ensures that those who make those products are paid fairly.

At Better Way Designs, we have made DIGNITY our focal point. Charitable giving is so important, but it doesn't offer the opportunity for human dignity like employment does. We have established a way for you to participate in not just changing the world, but changing how the world sees itself, through ethical shopping. No donation necessary!

Not at all. Better Way Designs pays a designated price for their products. The discounts that are built in to our monthly specials and host perks are all accounted for in or pricing.

Our home office team works hard to make sure all in stock items are shipped within two weeks of when we receive your order. However, some orders are often able to ship out within a few days! Freedom Delayed items typically take an additional 3-4 weeks to arrive after your full order has been sent out.

Since we create a yearly catalog to showcase our products for in-home parties, you may be able to see items that are currently out of stock. This is something every retailer experiences, except regular stores don't have those items on their shelves once they sell out so you can't see what they are missing. Being able to order almost any out of stock product as a Freedom Delay means you can still order those items AND this allows our partners to see sales growing faster than they can produce which provides them an opportunity to hire more artisans.

Although it is unusual, a product could break in transit to you. Please contact your Freedom Fighter to initiate an exchange/return. We will work quickly to get the product you ordered in your hands intact. Please let us know within 90 days of ordering.

Our full Return Policy can be viewed here.

Please see our Jewelry Allergy Info guide.

Example: When it says turquoise, does it mean the color or is the stone an actual turquoise?

Yes, this is their real material.

You can earn 20-33% on your personal sales and up to 6% on your downline's sales. Our average party is around $550 and our average Freedom Fighter makes 25% on their parties. You can work this full or part time! As you build a team, you are compensated for the time that you invest with them as well!

The amount of time you want to put into your business is completely up to you! However, we greatly encourage calendar control and will train you on how to amplify the amount of time you spend on your business.

We have three levels of Start Kits, starting at just $199, so you can choose your level of investment. Check out the pricing and everything that comes with them on our Become page!

Yes! You can purchase any item in the current catalog at 40% off. You can use this discount to purchase products for yourself or increase the size of your inventory.

Better Way Designs holds 3 corporate events every year that you do not want to miss! We have a winter retreat in January, a leadership retreat in April and our BIG summer conference in July! Mentors hold monthly meetings for their teams where you will receive training, updated company information and time with your new friends!

We offer in depth training to every new Freedom Fighter through our mentorship program. When you first join, your mentor will walk you through various trainings and be a resource and coach for you as you grow your business. No one needs to do this business alone! You will also have access to a supportive team, a collaborative Freedom Fighter Facebook group, and three corporate events each year to help you reach your goals and stay motivated.

To start, we encourage you to talk with 3 friends and 3 family members to open their homes to get you started! They will get all of the incentives that exist for our hosts and you get connected to their communities. From there, bookings come from bookings! Our host rewards are fabulous and our hosts are treated to those awards when they book with us.

It's simple - your passion and your motivation will be enough to launch a successful business! Be bold in sharing the business with your friends. When they see how much you love the products you're selling, they will fall in love, too, and want to shop with you. Communicate that the most helpful way to support you in this new venture (and in creating global freedom!) is to book a party. Your mentor will work with you to secure your first 6-8 bookings and grow your business from there. When you set goals and put in the work, your new business will soar.

The amount of parties you want to do are completely up to you and depend on what your income goals are. People LOVE to do parties with us, so we encourage our Freedom Fighters to work to open up at least 4 dates a month for our excited hosts!

How often do I need to buy new inventory? When you start your business with Better Way Designs, you will purchase a significantly discounted Start Kit, and these products are all you need to get your business going. However, through our Fast Start program and monthly challenges, there are many regular opportunities to earn additional free product for your inventory. Currently, we come out with a full new line once a year. We give specialized discounts for our newline at our Summer Conference that allows you to get new samples at big discounted prices.

There is a monthly website fee of $12.99. This includes access to your Virtual Office, your personal shopping website, and all of the credit card fees associated with your online sales.