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Geometric Earrings & Necklace

Geometric Earrings & Necklace

Crossbody Backpack

Crossbody Backpack

Trinity Wall Hanging

Trinity Wall Hanging

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Your Impact

Better Way Designs offers 3 tangible ways to participate in creating freedom. We call them the 3 B’s: Buy, Book and Become.

  • Buying our handmade goods puts money straight back into the fight.
  • Booking a freedom party enables you to educate your friends and family on how they can join the fight.
  • Becoming a Freedom Fighter gives you the ongoing opportunity to engage in this dignity business creating long-lasting, sustainable freedom.

Start Your Own Freedom Business

Become a Freedom Fighter and engage in a career that means so much more than an income.

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You can purchase any of our items here on our website to support freedom!


Book a party and get your friends and family in on the fight!


The greatest level of impact can be made by choosing to start a freedom business with us!

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Our mission

Better Way Designs seeks to bring dignity and hope to those who have become victims to the sex trafficking industry through the purchasing and reselling of products made by those who have been freed through the vessel of Freedom Parties. Our goal is to connect the “us” with the “them” in order to create a “we”. Our emphasis is on dignity rather than charity.

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