Part of the Solution


Sex trafficking is a BIG problem. So, we realized we needed to have a BIG and sustainable solution. This is why we have chosen to partner with a large group of organizations all around the world to fight by means of dignity business. We have equipped our sales force with their very own traveling marketplace where people can come to utilize their buying power to create sustainable freedom through shopping our beautiful products. Viability is key! When we work, our artisans work. We knew we needed to build something that would not only support those who are already working but also produce MORE jobs for MORE men and women around the world. This was not a problem that could be cured by donations and so many of our suppliers had already recognized that. So, Better Way Designs establishes the demand for their products through our sales, home parties and distributors!

Creating Dignity

Better Way Designs is not writing the stories of freedom for our artisans. They are writing their own stories and we are being invited in to that story based on the foundation of dignity. We provide a platform for their products and therefore bridge that final gap of the dignity story. It isn’t charity. It is a business partnership that is more powerful than charity.

Dignity is about the realization that value is in the human and not the ability the human brings. Because of this, we partner with suppliers that care for the whole human. Most who work for our suppliers are given health care, child care, education and an opportunity to experience independence. With safe working environments and an opportunity to create impactful relationships, you can see why this is much more than a job. This is dignity in its most active form.

Our Global Reach

Building Dignity

Your impact is reaching far and wide! This map shows where we are building dignity businesses around the world and our goal is to fill this entire map with opportunities for women to find hope and a way to freedom.

We have found the best way to fight trafficking is through sustainable business because it bridges the gap between us and our artisan sisters. We create an interwoven relationship that instills respect, value, and pride in the hearts of our artisans by partnering with them through sales here in the United States. While our Freedom Fighters create a place for their beautifully made products in the American marketplace, our global partners are able to work and grow and bring more women to freedom. Better Way Designs is doing business in a dignified and unified way that connects our customers, consultants, and creators to celebrate the power of freedom.

Better Way Designs partner map


Bolivia, the U.S., South Africa, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Nepal, Bangladesh, and undisclosed areas in the Middle East and Asia.