Freedom Delays

Your delayed product is creating FREEDOM in so many awesome ways! Let's talk about the real impact that your backorder is making!

Choosing to wait a little longer for some of your items creates a major impact on the sustainability and growth of our partners! Being willing to create a greater demand than our artisans can currently meet means they are able to bring more women out of slavery and into the artistry trade. You are also participating in ethical consumerism by allowing our artisans the necessary time to create our beautiful products in safe and healthy environments. Thank you for advocating for people first by supporting our artisans through this short delay!

Estimated Arrivals

Check out our list of estimated arrival dates for items on Freedom Delay below! This list is updated twice a month, at the beginning and the middle of each month.  So you can check back to see if there has been any changes to your item's arrival date. The dates listed are when we expect these products to arrive at our Home Office. We will keep items on the list for a week after they have arrived at our office so you can see that they are on the way to you. If you have any further questions or concerns about an item, please reach out to our Home Office, they are always happy to assist you!