The greatest level of impact can be made by choosing to start a freedom business with us!  This is not only an opportunity to work for freedom, but alongside others who are doing the same thing.  You literally become business partners with women around the world who are making our desirable products!

Become a

Freedom Fighter

Why become?

This is your opportunity to spend your earning time creating sustainable freedom.  The idea that “you earn, they earn” takes your relationship with our artisans to the next level.  You aren’t providing charity, you are providing dignity in your business partnership.  When you become a Freedom Fighter, the more you earn, the bigger impact you make on those effected by the sex trafficking industry.  Your job ensures employment for those who are in need of hope and help for a brighter future.


How to become a Freedom Fighter

We would love to have you join us!  If you are ready to get started, fill out this form to get connected to a mentor near you!  They will help you order your kit!

Our mission

Better Way Designs seeks to bring dignity and hope to those who have become victims to the sex trafficking industry through the purchasing and reselling of products made by those who have been freed through the vessel of Freedom Parties. Our goal is to connect the “us” with the “them” in order to create a “we”. Our emphasis is on dignity rather than charity.

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