When you join us on this journey as a Freedom Fighter, you aren’t just starting a business that impacts yourself. You are exercising your greatest opportunity for impact. When you go from being a customer or host to starting your own business, you go from addition to multiplication with your impact in the fight for dignity and freedom.

Why become?

This is your opportunity to spend your earning time creating sustainable freedom.  The idea that “you earn, they earn” takes your relationship with our artisans to the next level.  You aren’t providing charity, you are providing dignity in your business partnership.

When you become a Freedom Fighter, the more you earn, the bigger impact you make on employment opportunities for those affected by the sex trafficking industry. Your yes to this career is a yes to hope and empowerment for women and men around the world.

Freedom Fighters are offered competitive compensation plans so you can earn more and create a bigger impact.

A life giving business

Your business with Better Way Designs bring you purpose, community and the satisfaction of doing a job that really matters

Earn an income ranging from 20% to 33% of your sales

Use your DISCOUNT of 40% anytime

Great promotion OPPORTUNITIES

Control your TIME and your calendar

Know your $$ and time are going to the RIGHT PLACE

Promote absolutely GORGEOUS handmade products

Choose your own working COMMUNITY

No inventory - DIRECT ship items to customers

Work a job that is FUN

How it works

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Hold your very own Start Party that is led by your personal Better Way Designs Freedom Mentor!

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Connect with friends and family to establish your first bookings. They will love to join you in the fight!

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Order your starter kit: it has have everything you need to get started supporting the cause and creating an income for yourself. Kits include brochures, information and beautiful samples from all our suppliers. Options start at $199.00.

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You are ready to go! Start earning right away! 

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Angie Schultz testimonial headshot for Better Way Designs

Angie S.


2022 my husband and I are about to hit 10 years with Better Way.  We have loved that through the last decade we have had the flexibility to invest in our community and our family as well as work with women around the world through being a Freedom Fighter.  Being a Freedom Fighter has given me the ability to see the difference I can make through business as well as given me the confidence to lead and lead well.  My income has given us the financial freedom that we needed as a family to be able to fund my kids activities, trips to Florida, redo our kitchen, pay off our van, etc.  My husband has been a huge part of what it looks like for me to be able to run this business well.  He helps lead trainings, is involved with our leadership team and partners with me when I need extra support or encouragement.  We are excited to see what the next decade will bring with this company!

Deanna Magley

Deanna M.


I began my journey with Better Way Designs after a Freedom Fighter invited me to consider being a part of creating positive change in the lives of women as well as earn an income. I’m so glad she offered and that I accepted! I love the beautiful, high-quality products and have had so much fun sharing them with others. When guests hear that their purchases also serve the greater purpose of creating hope and freedom employment, it’s like the icing on the cake! I also have enjoyed the privilege to mentor new recruits which are now my dear friends. One of the things I appreciate about having my own business has been the ability to adapt my work hours so I can keep family events a high priority. I’m so grateful to be working with a company that has the well-being of our partner companies as a top priority, that also stays on the cutting edge of current trends to better serve our customers and provides sound business education, inspiration, and rewards to assist me in building my freedom business well.

Jessica Touchette

Jessica T.


I love being a Freedom Fighter with Better Way Designs because I get to do world-changing work from my home. I love showcasing beautiful, high quality, fair trade products that are providing FREEDOM to women around the world. It is incredibly motivating to me that I can track my personal impact through our product impact hours. I began February of 2018 with no previous product sales experience, but have since been enabled to do my job well, with the support of amazing leadership. Better Way Designs recognizes personal success and I have been encouraged to work harder on my business through company-given incentives, which increases the impact I make. I have developed lasting friendships with other Freedom Fighters, hosts and customers. I have the privilege to build and lead a team who have a passion for the cause and a love for the products. It is so empowering that I can fight human sex trafficking, inform people of the ways their involvement can make an impact, and make an income while doing it!

Shari Emhoff

Shari E.


If years ago, you told me that I was capable of having a career that is this fulfilling and empowering I would not have believed it. Today, I am part of a community that works for a greater good by empowering and dignifying people across the world. I am so grateful for the privilege to use my passion and love for people to invite others into the fight for freedom against human trafficking. My heart comes alive when I get to share with yet another person all the tangible ways that they can make a difference. Because I know, that whether I am mentoring a new Freedom Fighter, coaching a host for a Freedom Party or even helping a customer pick out a pair of earrings, I get to be a powerful and positive voice for myself, my family and for people everywhere.




I decided to partner with Better Way Designs as a Freedom Fighter when I learned that the average age of a prostitute is 12 years old. I simply couldn't stand by and do nothing when I had the time and resources to literally save lives. Fighting sex trafficking has greatly changed who I am in the best way possible. My life has distinct purpose, my Freedom Business provides necessary income for my household, and I get to partner with women in my own community to help countless other women around the world. It's absolutely beautiful and I'm beyond thankful that I have this opportunity to change the world.

Anne Torstenson

Anne T.


As a Freedom Fighter, I have found my niche. Better Way Designs has changed me in ways I never could have imagined. I have experienced love, respect, and a community that allows me to be me. I love my job and am thriving at it. I receive an income that not only helps provide for my family, but allows me to provide for the needs of others in my community. Through Better Way Designs I have grown both personally and professionally. I have seen first hand that sustainable, dignified work combined with love and hope can transform lives. Meeting the women who create our high quality, hand made items has been an incredible privilege and joy. It was five years ago that I first said "Yes" to becoming a Freedom Fighter and I have been saying yes ever since.

Let's do this!

If you are ready to start a business that changes the world and gives you awesome income opportunities, then Better Way Designs is for you. Start your dignity business today!